Esquire Inquiry was founded in 1989 to provide comprehensive professional investigation and consulting services to insurance companies, third party administrators, attorneys, and the employer’s they represent. We specialize in insurance claim investigation and defense, as well as all types of information gathering needed by those we serve. Our consultation services help employers address issues affecting human resources, risk management and safety, return to work, continuity planning, disaster recovery, wellness, security, and more.  We are unique.    

Clients rely on us for expert general liability, AOE/COE, subrogation, sub rosa and internal investigations.  We focus on problem recognition and solutions to save our clients money.  We work extensively with public sector accounts providing services to city governments, counties, school districts, and JPA’s throughout California. Private sector employers of all types and sizes, whether fully insured or self insured benefit from our services as well.

At Esquire Inquiry we continue to adapt to the ongoing changes in the law, technology, and needs of our clients. We provide services where we are needed, when we are needed, and we travel to locations other agencies may not, including out of state. 

Experience is a key component in consistent successful investigative work. The level of experience and understanding of complex legal and insurance issues we provide our clients is what distinguishes us. When experience is coupled with commitment, creativity, due diligence, teamwork, and passion, the net result equals results. Get the results you are looking for and deserve.  Get Esquire Inquiry on your team.  


Please contact us by email at  When you email us, please provide a phone number by which we may promptly contact you.  We will respond to all emails as soon as possible and gladly provide answers to any questions you may have.  At Esquire Inquiry we look forward to providing answers to your questions and solutions to your problems.  How may we be of service?

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